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York Stout Walkabout - 2nd/3rd April 2022

On Saturday 2nd April, SEVEN stouts from our past are returning in cask to SEVEN of our favourite York pubs. Over the course of the first weekend in April, you will be able to get your special map card stamped at each venue when you purchase a measure of each stout. Once you have all seven stamps, you can collect a gift bag!


The Maltings The Eagle & Child House of Trembling Madness (Stonegate) The Last Drop Inn The Fossgate Tap The Rook & Gaskill The Swan

(Maltings and Swan will have prize boxes as they are at either end of the route)


BA Gravedigger's Biscuits 2021 (9% Bourbon Barrel Aged Espresso Martini Stout)

Lebkuchen 2021 (9.7% Lebkuchen Imperial Stout - collab w/ Marble)

Aggressive Hospitality 2018 (10% Almond, Fig, Cacao, Cinnamon, Golden Syrup Imperial Stout - collab w/ Wild Weather)

BA The Ecstasy of Gold 2021 (10% Bourbon Barrel Aged Cacao & Vanilla Imperial Stout)

BA Afterglow 2019 (12% Bourbon Barrel Aged Ginger, Honey, Cinnamon Imperial Stout - collab w/ De Molen)

The 2nd Law 2022 (12% Tonka, Maple, Cacao, Vanilla Imperial Stout)

Mile Zero 2020 (15% Stroopwafel Imperial Stout)


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