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The Custard Sessions 2023

Today is the day! Happy 6th birthday to us! In celebration, three custard beers of great renown are now available to purchase through our website.


YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD (6.0% Vanilla Custard Pale)

For those of you that are new to the custard beer story, it all began many years ago with a one-off brew of the O.G: Yellow Matter Custard. This 6% vanilla custard pale has been with us since the beginning, and - although we tweak it for the better each year - it belongs in every birthday celebration. As close as you can get to custard without your eyes getting wet. Chock full of vanilla, wheat, and oats.

PINK MATTER CUSTARD (6.0% Raspberry Custard Pale)

Imagine the above but with 200 g/l of raspberry puree, and even more vanilla. That is what we attempted a couple of years later. We were so chuffed, that we saw no reason in changing this beer either, for now...

DEATH MATTER CUSTARD (14.0% Chocolate Custard Imperial Stout - collab w/ Northern Monk)

This is where things get a bit different... The original chocolate version of the custard beers was Dark Matter Custard. Lovely, chocolate-y, you get the gist. Then came Darker Matter Custard; raising the abv from 7.5% to 9%, and getting even richer and more decadent. This time, however, we have decided to start a new process in which we collaborate with one of our favourite breweries to mix up one of the custard beers each year.

For 2023, Northern Monk Brew Co commuted twenty miles north to collaborate with us on a combination recipe that brings together the decadence and complexity of our previous chocolate custard beers, and combines it with the outrageous quality of their annual imperial stout release: Death. The result is a 14% monstrosity that is by far the chocolatiest thing we have ever made!

We also have a nationwide launch of the beers, with all of these venues pouring all three beers from today...


ORB Micropub, Darlington The Alexandra Hotel, Derby The Fox & Crown, Newark The Paper Mill, Sittingbourne Chapel, Middlesbrough The Disappearing Chin, Harrogate The Falcon, York Valhalla, York The White Hart, Hull The Crow Inn, Sheffield Doncaster Brewery & Tap, Doncaster Arcadia, Leeds Boar & Fable, Bradford Brew Society, Leeds The Grove, Huddersfield Joule, Salford The Bailey Head, Oswestry The Wobbly Duck, Newcastle Fierce Bar, Aberdeen Fierce Bar, Edinburgh


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