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Shipping Rate Changes

As you may have heard a few hundred times already recently, quite a few goods and services have increased in price of late. For us this includes courier costs, which have increased significantly in recent months. We have done our best to swallow these costs and adapt as much as possible, but - as of Monday 31st January - we will be changing our shipping rates.

From Monday 31st Jan 2022, our shipping price for orders made through our webstore will be increasing from £5.00 to £5.99 for all orders under £49.99 (including monthly Disco Royalty subscriptions). All orders of £50 and over will qualify for free shipping*. There is no charge for collecting an order from the Brewery.

This is our first shipping rate change in nearly two years, and we hope that it won't stand in the way of your valued support for little old us!

Love TP x

*Geographic restrictions will apply - see our shipping page for information.


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