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New Brew: The Small Hours

The eagerly anticipated Vocation collaboration ...


We wanted to make something that really shines a light on the kind of beers that both of our breweries do well. Vocation make some incredible and scene-defining mid strength pales and IPAs (and... our Disco King isn't all that bad), so that was a good starting point for a collaboration. That said, we wanted to do something different than we've done before.

We'd heard about using liquid hops from a few breweries and wanted to get involved. As it happens, Vocation have been working closely with this hop product, and have passed some of their wisdom on to us! In addition, we used the very best Mosaic and Citra we could get hold of, and finished it off with a kooky new-ish and yet to be named hop, HBC 472. This adds a bit of that coconut /woody flavour you've come to expect from Sabro, with far less of the lemongrass, and far less divisive in character.

This 5.4% Pale is also the first time we've used the phrase "DDH" - we've winced at double dry hopped as a style before as, it seems a bit arbitrary to say double, when there's no standard amount for single! That said, when we finalised the recipe for this beer, "pale" or "IPA" just didn't seem to do it justice. It's really up on another level, and we're incredibly proud of it.


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