Virtue is Lost...

So, on with some regular content! We bleedin' loved having Siren over to brew with us. One of our all time favourites. With a brewery with as much rep in so many styles as Siren Craft Brew, how do you even decide what to brew? Their IPA game is bonkers, their stout prowess is ridonkulous, but we absolutely love their sours. We pitched the idea of a guava based sour to Sean (Head Brewer), who excitedly responded that guava was top of his list for some experimentation. More on that later... I (Cameron) spent a week in Switzerland in the not too distant past. Not anything work related, but my good wife had a spare ticket for me on her work trip to Basel (important science stuff like). I jumped

New Frontiers

Collaboration project can release, live tasting event online... So folks, you may have noticed that this week the brewing and hospitality industry became the home delivery and takeout beer industry in a very short space of time. We’ve all had to adapt to the current circumstances with breakneck speed. Thanks to each and every person who has taken the time to buy some cans from our website. We love you forever. If you can cast your minds back pre societal downfall, you may remember we brewed four ridiculous collaboration beers around the end of February. We poured all the love and care we could into brews with 5 Points, Siren, Thornbridge, and Roosters. The plan was (and vaguely still is) t

Random Precision...

This month’s blog post is all about events. Events within this industry are extremely important; in fact, they are half of my job title! As a brewery, the word ‘event’ can encompass many things: beer festivals, meet the brewers, tap takeovers, ticketed tastings, beer and food pairings; all sorts! And even within those types of events, the specific event will always be unique based on its timing, location, and the people who are involved or who attend. Below is a brief summary of each event that we have been involved in in the past couple of months so that you can get a good idea of the variety of wonderful occasions alongside fantastic businesses that we find ourselves being part of regularl

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