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New Frontiers

Collaboration project can release, live tasting event online...

So folks, you may have noticed that this week the brewing and hospitality industry became the home delivery and takeout beer industry in a very short space of time. We’ve all had to adapt to the current circumstances with breakneck speed. Thanks to each and every person who has taken the time to buy some cans from our website. We love you forever. If you can cast your minds back pre societal downfall, you may remember we brewed four ridiculous collaboration beers around the end of February. We poured all the love and care we could into brews with 5 Points, Siren, Thornbridge, and Roosters. The plan was (and vaguely still is) to do a simultaneous launch of these beers on tap at 20 something of the best bars in the realm, to celebrate the move to our new brewery and Taproom in Knaresborough, whilst having a party of our own at TP HQ. We very optimistically hope that many of those events in May will still go ahead, (Earth permitting) having put many hours into the planning of it. Though as previously mentioned, the show must go on. We must adapt, improvise, and overcome (to quote Bear Grylls). A little change in plan, and making the best of a situation like this… We have the cans in stock now. We can’t really afford to hold out any longer and want to make the beers available for you to buy. We were hoping that this collaboration project would really kick-start our new brewery site and help us push the brewery into New Frontiers, if you will. The good news: we’ve been at work behind the scenes to bring as much value to your drinking experience as possible with these collaborations. We’ll be hosting a virtual/digital/online taste-along session where we, the Turning Point team, will be talking you through these 4 beers, the inspiration behind them, some detail on the collaborating breweries and the brew days themselves, and host a question and answer session for as long as you keep us up! We figured we’re all lacking some social aspect to our drinking experience at the moment, and let’s face it, that’s half the fun, right? We promise to put as much fun and into this event as possible, and guarantee all participants a night that feels like you’re down the local with your chums. So… here’s where you come in! Head to our website to pre-order the 4 collaboration beers. There are various options, but as a minimum you’ll need one of each of the 4 cans. Your shipment will include your e-ticket to our online tasting session hosted by your good friends at Turning Point. We also have a super limited t-shirt for the event, limited to 50 only. Make sure to grab one and you’ll be able to tell your Grandchildren you were there when Turning Point went digital. Without further ado (and without giving away the whole story) the four beers are: TP x 5 Points // Known Unknowns // Future Export Stout // 6.8% TP x Siren // Virtue is Lost // Guava, Vanilla, & Cacao sour // 5.3% TP x Thornbridge // Disco Mountain // Vermont Style IPA // 7.2% TP x Roosters // House in the Rock // Nelson and Simcoe Pale // 4.5% All cans are 440ml and feature removable/reusable artwork (from the wonderful Lottie Walsh), with information about the beer and our taproom hidden underneath.

The event will be held Thursday 2nd April, at 7:30pm so be sure to get your order in as soon as possible to guarantee getting some cans in time. We’ll let you know in good time where and how the event will take place, but it promises to be a night of fun and good beers. Can’t wait!

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