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New Brew: Milk Foley

As you may have seen across our social media pages, we have recently rebrewed ‘Milk Foley’, and have launched it as our first beer to appear in Sainsbury’s across the country! This blog post is for anyone who is interested in a bit more information about the beer itself, the distribution into a supermarket, and which stores (and where else) you can get hold of this delectable strawberry and cream pale ale.

‘Milk Foley’ was originally brewed back in the summer of 2019 as one of a pair of collaborations with Brew York and was launched at their City of Ale festival in York alongside ‘Mocha Man Randy Savage’. It was particularly thrilling for us when we received a shout out from the ManKind himself, with Mick Foley personally blessing the beer in question!

‘Milk Foley’ is a 6.3% Strawberry & Cream Pale, made with lactose, strawberries, vanilla, and a strawberry and cream tisane (tea). It is wonderfully refreshing and sweet, with a thick body due to the lactose working alongside a grist of barley, wheat, and torrified oats. As we have stated on the can, it is ‘a milkshake for all ManKind’!

Our mission has always been to brew the beers that we would want to drink ourselves and get them into the hands of as many people as possible. We always enjoy seeing people trying our beers – or even just a new style of beer - for the first time. As the UK craft beer scene continues to thrive, more and more retailers and supermarkets are filling their shelves with fantastic beers from some of the best breweries in the country; and the continuing progress of modern beer is leading to a wider variety of beer styles being stocked as well.

The fact that we have been offered this opportunity to supply Sainsbury’s through Beer Hawk is testament to the quality of the beers that we produce. Working with them helps achieve our goal of giving as many people as possible the chance to try our beer.

Please click this link to see whether your closest Sainsbury’s will be stocking this beer! It will likely be on their shelves by the end of January.

‘Milk Foley’ will also be available from many independent bottle shops and bars nationwide and in some other European countries, as well as being on our own webstore too.

We cannot wait for a bit more normality and for the pubs to reopen later this year. We have so much planned for 2021, including an expansion of our barrel aging program, which excites us a lot! The sheer quantity of paused/delayed beer festivals and tap takeovers that are pencilled into our diaries is making us chomp at the bit as well!

Keep checking our blog posts and social media activity to stay up to date with our latest beers, events, and everything else we get up to day to day.

And remember – if you can’t be good, be DISCO!

Love TP xxx


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