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It has been a little while since out last big IPA, and this time we wanted to go all out and make the most stereotypical version of a modern, New England-style IPA you can think of!

For the grist, not only did we go with big quantities of wheat and flaked oats, but we also - for the first time - used chit malt. Chit malt helps head retention, stabilises haze, and increases body - all very useful for this style of beer.

We also went all in on the style by using Lallemand's Verdant IPA yeast - a yeast strain that they specifically cultivated in collaboration with Verdant Brewery, who are one of the most prominent names in the UK when it comes to producing NEIPAs.

But that is not all!

We then added pretty ridiculous quantities of the most New England-suitable hops you can find to the beer. Citra is the biggest culprit in this style, and we added it in threefold alongside some Simcoe and Ekuanot. This total combination of leaf, pellet and powder versions of hops allows for taste bud saturation at all points, and yet gives us the balance in relation to body, vegetal matter, and flavour profile that we were looking for.

Casks and kegs of Magnificent Gestures available NOW!


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