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New Beer Friday!

We've got two new brews coming out today... First up is our collaboration with our friends at Black Iris Brewery:

The Metallica-themed pun of our first beer together had to be matched this time around - and thus THE ZING THAT SHOULD NOT BE was born!

We have imitated that most refreshing summer cocktail, the Paloma, and added light quantities of salt and agave syrup alongside grapefruit and lime juice. We have then included a tropical twist with the addition of pineapple puree too...

The beer is being launched tonight (23rd June) on draught at Junkyard, Turning Point Taproom and The Falcon, and cans are now available via our webstore.

Invoke the Almighty... A brand new hoppy one for you! After the rave reviews of Magnificent Gestures, we've gone even further with this one to make it an absolute fruit bomb! You can also find it at the Turning Point Taproom this weekend.


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