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Lucid Dream returns!

Cask, right?

I know ... I feel the same way...

It is always cask season for us, but never more so than when the evenings start getting a little chillier (and the CO2 starts running out ).

This week sees the long overdue and long awaited return of:

LUCID DREAM (5.0% Milk Stout)

Yet another beer that we wish we always brewed, but time gets away from us, COVID restricts us, and beers fall behind. Never again Lucid, we're sorry!

As you have probably already noticed, Lucid Dream has been given a new lick of paint and a new description too; but don't worry - it is the exact same beer! It's just that the times have changed, and the subtle 'dessert' flavours of this beer in comparison with some of our other beers (and some other breweries' beers) are complimentary and smooth, rather than a sledgehammer filled with cookie dough - which is often what is expected these days!

Of course, this isn't our only cask beer at the moment.

In fact, we have a veritable smorgasbord of different cask beers available for trade customers this week:

RADIO NOWHERE (3.8 Pale: Chinook, Citra) MINIMAL WATER DAMAGE (4.3 Pale: Galaxy, Citra, Cascade) WAVELENGTH (4.5 Super Pale: Mosaic) CHAOS THEORY (5.0 Honey & Marigold Oatmeal Pale) LUCID DREAM (5.0 Milk Stout) BIG BEAT MANIFESTO (5.2 Pale: El Dorado, Bru-1, Simcoe) COSMIC FLUX (7.2 NEIPA: Citra, Mosaic)

But anyway, I digress...

The main thing is: LUCID DREAM HAS RETURNED!


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