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Henshaws Charity Donation

You may remember a short while ago we brewed a beer called Perpetual Dawn. For each can we sold, we donated 10p to Henshaws, a charity with an important role in our local community. We also donated £1 per pint of beer sold at our Taproom over a weekend or two.. All totalled this came to £650. We thank you all for helping us to support Henshaws, a fantastic charity that we look forward to working with in the future and helping them when we can. If you'd like to donate to them, you can do so here

“For people living with disabilities, these months can feel isolating at the best of times but the impact of Covid protection measures on disabled people, and their families, has been so severe, adding hugely to anxieties and existing difficulties. Henshaws services in Yorkshire need the help of generous individuals like Aron and Cameron, to ensure we can continue to help and support those who may be less resilient to a crisis like this.” – Gemma Young, Yorkshire Fundraising Manager, Henshaws


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