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Hello 2022!

We’re back, and ready for it all over again! A frosty and rainy morning has bloomed into a beautiful sunny winter afternoon here in Knaresborough. The brewing department are off to an absolute flyer with the the first brew of the year today, Disco King, already wrapped up and in the tank. The office department haven’t been nearly as quick off the mark, but thanks to Cloud Gate Coffee’s wonderful caffeine we are picking up the pace! Putting together some ace plans for this coming year. Just you wait! Speaking of coffee… You may remember our new coffee porter, Night Lapse, that was released in cask late last year. Well, we did cans too, and you can get your mits on them from this Friday. It’s a real beauty. Session-ish ABV, full of fresh coffee, roasted malts, and chocolatey notes. Tip top. If you need to stock up before then, our webshop (and brewery shop) are now back open for your delectation. Disco Royalty members, your subscription boxes are starting to leave the building from tomorrow. We hope wherever you are, if this is your first day back at work or your first day off after working straight through, or if you are multiversal traveller reading this fourteen billion years ago, that you are having a wonderful day.


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