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Happy Easter from Turning Point!

Hello and happy Easter!

It has been a weird and wonderful couple of months here at TP Towers. We're all geared up for a nice long weekend. The fridge is full of choice beers, and the weather is… predictably average!

We just wanted to say a gargantuan thank you to everyone who has helped to get us through what continues to be an unpredictable and wild time. It feels like we're heading towards some kind of normality, and we're all game for the pubs to reopen so we can get back to our day job of supplying beer in barrels and kegs to our favourite venues, and hopefully spending some time with YOU, the lovely people who drink our beer.

We've been busy brewing for a few projects, filling more wooden barrels, prepping for pubs reopening, and working on our summer brewing plans. We've got some really cool stuff planned as well as the inevitable return of some much requested favourites. Watch this space! Soon enough we'll be able to give you details of our taproom opening, when you'll be able to start booking tables from, and what we'll have going on. It's been a long time coming but we're looking forward to using the space to its full potential and welcoming you for some brewery fresh pints! We're currently doing a bit of work behind the scenes to make sure the Taproom is looking great ready for opening.

You may have also seen our first tease of the second coming of our collaboration project: New Frontiers II, featuring breweries who we feel are making strides in a certain style. This year's breweries are Neon Raptor, Donzoko, North, and Yonder. We'll be working with them on some sure to be great beers over the coming weeks and months, with a final date to be decided. We'll have some great online events, as well as actual in the flesh bar based events too, if you can believe it!

Our Disco Royalty subscription club continues to grow each month, and we're loving having so many of you along for the ride of trying every beer we make. If you want to sign up, you'll need to be ready to order on the 1st of the month. We go live at 9am until we sell out of that month's spaces. We also recently added a trade can subscription we're calling "First Contact". Email Josh at for more details. The idea being that you'll be able to release our new beers at the same time as us, and your customers will know that you've got our beers ready to go on launch day.

So all in all, much to be excited about as always. We're also beyond giddy about the prospect of beer festivals coming back. We will see you at as many of them as we can get to. Just to say again, we appreciate the support from each and every one of you who help to keep us going. The whole team are grateful for you helping us through a difficult year, and we can't wait to see you again in the company of pint glasses and crisps. Cheers and have a great weekend Team TP


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