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Christmas and Other Updates...

You promised the ending would be clear…” ~ Bring Me The Disco King, David Bowie So here we are, midway through ‘Lockdown Two: Electric Boogaloo’, and we thought that now would be as good a time as any to give you all a big update on what we have been up to, and what we have coming up in the near future as we bring 2020 to a close! First thing’s first: Christmas gift packs. We have launched a variety of four-pack gift boxes of cans through our online store – perfect presents for yourself or someone you care about, with different can mixes to suit everyone’s tastebuds. On top of this, we have released a massive box of a dozen different Turning Point beers too – think of it as a mini-advent calendar! A purchase of this box includes YouTube links to videos with Cam and Josh reviewing each individual beer amongst whatever other things they chat about when given spare time together in front of a camera! Mini-kegs have been a great success during lockdown, and we will have different beers in mini-keg across the holiday period too. Five litres of fresh beer served as draft, in your home! Our Christmas mini-kegs will look the part too … just you wait and see! Our monthly beer subscription service, ‘Disco Royalty’, has been a huge success; a massive thank you to everyone who has joined so far. Six beers every month, alongside gifts, exclusive events and tasting notes have all been very well received. We will not be adding any further places in 2020, but will be offering up some more slots at the beginning of February – so keep your eyes peeled… As you may already be aware, Brewdog’s annual Collabfest is not the same as usual this year (due to COVID-19). Some of the Scottish and international bars may be open, but in England and Wales Brewdog are instead running a ‘Collabfest At Home’ and sending mixed cases to people’s homes so that they can try all of the brilliant, experimental collaborative beers as per usual. Our Collabfest 2020 beer was brewed with our regular partners Brewdog York and is called ‘Hazard After Midnight’. It is a 5.7% Mint Choc Ice Cream Stout and will be available in keg and can as soon as Brewdog have released it as part of their event! Our taproom has been a little oasis for you and for us throughout much of 2020, and we are really pleased with the way we have managed to keep it open whilst abiding by social distancing rules. The support from local customers and food vendors has been brilliant! Unfortunately, it is now closed for the month of November as per current restrictions. Please keep checking our social media regularly to find out the latest on when it will be reopened. As soon as we have decided opening dates/potential hibernation plans, we will let everyone know. With winter comes stouts. Everyone knows this. You may have had the chance to try ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’, our 10% Stout w/ Cacao & Vanilla recently. You will be pleased to know that some of this has gone into Bourbon barrels too … we are extremely excited! Also, alongside the aforementioned ‘Hazard After Midnight’, this winter will see the return of ‘Gravedigger’s Biscuits’ – our 9% Espresso Martini Stout. Previously a keg only beer, this will now be canned alongside the kegs, and some of it will go into barrels as well! I hope that all these updates are music to your collective ears. We are excited to keep pushing ourselves and – as always – are confident in our ability to adapt to the everchanging difficult situations that we are facing. We can’t stress enough how appreciative we are of every single person that has supported Turning Point Brew Co in any way – especially over the last few months. Take care, enjoy your Christmas period, and remember: if you can’t be good, be DISCO. Much love

TP xxx


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