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A love letter to Bitter

As a brewery, we are from all over the country, and yet we all have our own personal histories with bitter. From Fuller's ESB in a traditional East London boozer, to Bass straight from the jug in Burton, to Timothy Taylor's Boltmaker on country walks across the Yorkshire Dales, and that is just for starters!

It was inevitable then, that we were eventually going to brew one of our own to pay homage to the beers that brought us together from across the nation. So we did...

Oh, and it had to be available in cask only. Obviously.

And with a sparkler (although this prerequisite is still contested within the brewery due to differing geographical inclinations).

Having 'Drones in the City' available at our taproom has been delightful for post-work pints, and we have loved seeing it travel all over as the hospitality scene gradually reopens.

'Drones in the City' is a classic 4% bitter made with Maris Otter and Crystal malts, and English hops East Kent Goldings and Archer. Sweet, nutty, and properly bitter.

Just the job.

We love you, bitter - we always have, and we don't see our relationship changing any time soon!

TP x


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