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We have a limited number of subscriptions available (at least to begin with), but are planning on keeping it live until close of play on Friday (4th). We won't always ruin the surprise of what you will be getting in your monthly box of goodies; but, for the first one, we thought it fair to show you what you will be receiving... Disco King, No Post on Sundays, Earth Years Old, Permission to Land, Space Ritual, The Ecstasy of Gold, alongside thorough tasting notes for each beer, and a lovely postcard using can design artwork too! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subscribe to receive six 440ml cans per calendar month. There'll always be a Disco King 🎤 in there, and we'll make sure to include every brand new can release from the previous month too! ⏱ NEVER MISS A CAN RELEASE AGAIN!!! 👑Disco Royalty Boxes👑 will also include exclusive TP nuggets for subscribers - from merchandise 🎁, to discount offers 💸 and online events 💻. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subscriptions will auto-renew on a monthly basis from purchase date. If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time. Orders will be shipped / available for collection from the second week of each month. Shipping charged at our standard rate of £5. It is not possible to buy this Subscription and another TP web-shop product at the same time. You'll need to make a separate order if you want to purchase something else from our online shop.

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