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As has been the case for pretty much everyone and anyone, this week has been made quite difficult (and cold) by that pesky little beast from the East. Both Aron and myself live a fair old drive away from Kirkbymoorside so the journey in each day has been a heck of a ride! The snow meant we couldn’t get much done in the way of delivering beer. Though we did see the storm coming, (thanks to the news, not some mystical foresight power we have, unfortunately) so we were able to cram most of our working schedule for the week into what can only be described as “Tuesday”, ahead of the really harsh weather that followed. We had 3 pallets of beer leave the building, 2 x brews racked and moved to our cold store (which at this point is just a “store”), as well as anything and everything else we managed to squeeze in. The rest of the week has been a mix of catching up on the office side of things, dreaming up new beers, and getting our bar looking tip top for the wave of festivals currently pending. The first of these being the Indie Beer Feast in Sheffield next Saturday.

Sadly, we did have to postpone the brewing of our first out-and-out IPA until next week. The weather did however give us a bit of time to work on the keg badge for this new hop bomb. As always, it’s very colourful!

Since we started almost a year ago, our point-of-sale branding has been slowly evolving. Though it’s important to have recognisability and continuity between designs, and despite the fact it takes precious time to come up with a new design for each new beer, we absolutely love the creativity involved in this. We always want each beer we do to be a complete package: with a name and a design that speaks to where we are right now, and has something to do with the beer in the glass at the end of it. It’s an incredibly satisfying process. By the time the beers are released, they feel to us as though they have an individual personality. A bit of a tangent there (but that’s what a blog is for, right?) but the point is, we’re happy to be in a place as a brewery where our designs are continuously in Flux (pun intended) and moving along with us.

Next week, as long as the Yorkshire ice-caps disappear in a timely fashion, we’ll be playing catch up on brewing. Swerve Driver IPA, is up first, with our good friend Armadillo making a comeback, by popular demand. Then hopefully some Lucid Dream to follow. Tonight we’re going to be hanging out at the Eagle and Child, York. Where we have 6 beers on tap, cask and keg. The guys have sorted some DJ’s for the occasion, so should be a good fun night to have a groovy little disco at the end of a challenging week! We’re ready for a couple of beers. Come say hi.

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