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At the end of last week we made our way to The Falcon Tap after another wild one. We’d been looking forward to this little shindig for a while. The Falcon were hosting a first of it’s kind “Brewers Love in”. Basically, a chance for the local brewing fraternity to meet in a lovely place and drink each others beers. We’re lucky to be based in Yorkshire, and class the surrounding breweries as great friends and peers, rather than competitors. It was particularly enjoyable to receive praise that night for our APA, Disco King, from many brewers who we have a lot of respect for, and who in various ways have helped us get to where we are in our brewing journey so far. It was equally satisfying to have a few pints of it and enjoy it with our mates. Oh I almost forgot… The Falcon’s artist in chief, Charis Raine, cartoonified myself and Lee from Brew York in the poster for the event. Which was, interesting?

As we’ve mentioned before, Disco King is a beer we brew again and again (and love doing so), but like all our core beers, it’s always a work in progress. Consistency is key, but we’re striving towards making that same beer better every time. The tweaks are getting fewer and fewer now as we’re finding a rhythm and getting to know our kit and ingredients better each time we brew. This weeks brew of Disco King, we were almost superstitious as to how to repeat the last one! On Saturday I made my way over to see our friends at Brew York. The local homebrew club had invited me to join them there for their first meet of the year, and to try and give feedback on some of their beers. I started out in the industry as a homebrewer, so it was good to revisit the excitement of boundless experimentation and the enthusiasm that comes with it. A particular highlight: A beer that seemed like a response to some kind of dare. A literal “breakfast stout” containing all the elements you’d expect to find in an English breakfast, especially the ones that you wouldn’t expect to find in beer! My review went something along the lines of “the only beer I’ve tried that’s made me laugh uncontrollably”. A great night with a fantastic set of people. I hope I’ll be back again!

Last night we had a joint tap takeover with North Brewing at Furley and Co in Hull. Alex, a brewer at North joined us there for a good ol’ chin wag and a few tasty beers. Ian and the team pulled out all the stops: repping the brewery t-shirts, nibbles for everybody, and a classic example of a comedy raffle. We had a great night! You can find North’s and our beers at Furley and Co until they’re gone!

Over the weekend, there’s a cracking little festival at Bistro Guy, Gillgate in York. Beers served from wooden casks, accompanied by a wood fired pizza oven, in a cosy little courtyard in the centre of the city. On the bar is the ONLY ever cask (and it’s only a wee one) of our collab with Squawk: Uprising. The guys at the event are loving it so make sure to get in soon if you want to try it! Next week we’re brewing a brand new beer. Aron and I had a hoppy epiphany today. 30 seconds later we’d dreamed up a juicy little IPA tenatively titled “Swerve Driver” . We couldn’t wait so we’ve squeezed it into our busy schedule next week. Last but not least: We’re taking over the taps of the Eagle and Child in York next Friday. Live music, Disco beers. Game on. See you there!

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