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New Year, New Beer...

Welcome... To this, our first weekly brewery blog. Where we keep you up to date on all our happenings each week.

We've been wanting to do something like this for a while, its been tough to find the time to sit down and write up what's happening with the brewery when, between the two of us we have a lot keeping us busy! To make the seemingly daunting task of putting pen to paper (or thumbs to phone) more manageable, we'll look to wrap up our week by letting you know what we've been up to. So...

We're very happy to be back BREWING! After a brief break over Christmas, and then an unexpected delay due to some minor but potentially problematic issues with our brewery floor tiles, we're now back making the good stuff... full steam ahead. With "Disco Flux" kegged earlier in the week, we had five fermenters ready to be filled.

On Tuesday we brewed our first new recipe of the year: A New England session pale. After the feedback we received from the small batch of "Headhunter", we absolutely had to have another go at a hazy, hoppy number under 5.0%, this time a full brew, going into both cask and keg. The awesome artwork of @lottiwalsh will be making another guest appearance for this one.

On Thursday we were joined at HQ for our first collaboration of the year by none other than Ollie from Squawk brewing co. in Manchester. Ollie's a great guy and really knows his stuff. He happened to bring a whole mess of the ever illusive Nelson Sauvin hop variety with him, which we put to good use in the brew. He also brought the cutest little doggo we’ve ever seen who oversaw the days activities with utter surety. More details on that beer to follow! It will be making it’s debut at a joint tap takeover at the legendary Port Street Beer House in Manchester on the 15th of February.

Today we brewed a batch of Electric Eye. Our sessionable red rye ale with Amarillo hops. I was mainly on my own in the brewhouse so plenty of Bruce Springsteen played at full volume!

This week we also announced our master plan to host a launch party for Disco King's big brother. A double American Pale Ale, or DAPA as we're calling it. Slightly tongue-in-cheek of course.

Next Wednesday at the Rook and Gaskill we will be having a wee little disco all of our own. Landlord Paul has pulled out all the stops to make the pub a psychedelic disco wonderland for the evening. Flares are mandatory. We will be giving away t shirts on the night too. The Rook has recently had a huge refurb adding a wall of kegs to their already stellar (not to be confused with Stella) selection. Join us to try our new beer as well as others and for a bit of a laugh and a boogie.

That's all for this week but any questions or comments, give us a nudge!

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