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6.0% IPA

This beer was our first collaboration brew in Knaresborough. It was also the first brew of what became our "IPA 2.0": This particular brew became the new blueprint for which we start our hoppy recipes. It was the first time we used a yeast that we've been working with ever since. It was also the first brew to feature our giant round pump clips (that sadly never saw the bar, until now... cheers Covid).

So a beer of firsts! Alongside the cans of it brewed in Feb 2020, we had intended to release cask and keg of it at the same time, which sadly wasn't to be. So here we are, well over a year later, and we've brewed this hoppy wonderland of a beer again, and it's heading out in cask and keg this week.

All of the Mosaic and Amarillo, and just a touch of Sabro to add another dimension to the hop character of the beer. Lovely stuff.

Lovingly made by your friends in Knaresborough, with help from the great people at Almasty Brewing Co


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