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Our first barrel aged beer in Knaresborough...

A very special beer of ours is out today. Bourbon barrel aged Ecstasy of Gold, 10% impy stout.

The kind of beer that means we will be asked if we have any available for months and years to come. Don’t disappoint yourself, it’s available now until it isn’t.

This brew is the first ever barrel aged beer to leave the doors of our Knaresborough brewery, and only our third one so far. It’s one of those beers to save for a special occasion, share with friends, or sip on a lazy Sunday afternoon in your wingback chair watching Westerns.

A delicate balance from the sweetness and roast of the stout, with bourbon and oak coming through and marrying with vanilla for a truly decadent and luxurious drinking experience.

Disco Royalty subscribers will get it in the August box. If you would like to join, you can subscribe on our website, only on the 1st of every month.

Happy Friday folks.


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