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New Singularity Series Beers!

#005 and #006 are here. Two of our favourite, hefty stouts - both aged in rum barrels.

Introducing …

#005 - Gravedigger's Biscuits Rum Single Barrel Edition (9%)

A sophisticated cocktail of coffee and vanilla, wrapped up in a big boozy stout. Notes of coffee liqueur, burnt sugar, molasses. Serve in a martini glass for maximum pomposity. Barrel aged in a single, first use rum oak cask. Coffee from Cloud Gate Coffee.


#006 - Darker Matter Custard Rum Single Barrel Edition (9%)

The bigger brother of Dark Matter Custard. A chocolatey and sweet dessert stout with a huge addition of vanilla. Stronger, darker, chocolatey-er, custardy-er . Barrel aged in a single, first use rum oak cask.

In case you missed out on the first four 'Singularity Series' beers, they are hand picked, individual barrels of specific, special beers that we will be releasing in limited amounts of cans as and when we feel that the beers are ready to go out into the world.

Available now!


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