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New Brews: The Custard Sessions

Here we go folks… THREE new beers for you on this most glorious of days…

Presenting the 2021 Custard Sessions:

Yellow Matter Custard – Vanilla Wheat Pale 6.0%

Back by popular demand, where our journey into sweet pales really got started. A fan favourite that we have just never gotten round to canning. Well here it is! As close as you can get to custard without your eyes getting wet. Chock full of vanilla, wheat, and oats.

Pink Matter Custard – Raspberry Dessert Pale 6.0%

Imagine the above but with 200 g/l of raspberry puree, and even more vanilla. Pink beer for good people. Remember that post a few weeks back with that very messy FV pic? It was this.

Dark Matter Custard – Chocolate Custard Stout 7.5%

A mega chocolatey sweet stout, loaded with vanilla, and layers of chocolate from a complex malt selection. An oft requested rebrew!

Also available as:

~Presentation gift pack, one each plus a Disco King. ~Custard Sessions 6 pack, two of each ~Dessert Case: Selection of sweet TP goodies including our recent massive stouts.

Look out for more info on our birthday Zoom, which will be taking place on the 25th March.

Disco Royalty- you can expect these beers in April's box.

Do yourself a massive favour and pop over to our website and grab yours now. Free shipping for orders £45 and over.


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