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New Brew: Wee Rudie Singularity #008


Eighteen months ago, we worked with our friends at Brewdog Leeds to produce a 7.2% Toffee Wee Heavy, which was then named after one of their members of staff whose final day working with them was the collaboration day. Since then, not only did Danni leave the bar, but the bar permanently closed!

Hidden away from all of that, however, was the fact that we siphoned off a small quantity of that release into one first-use Heaven Hill bourbon barrel (first-use meaning that our beer is the first product that has gone into the barrel after the bourbon was initially removed, so the barrel has its absolute maximum potency for bourbon flavours entering the beer in question).

We then stored that barrel in the depths of our Knaresborough home for eighteen months, practically saturating the original beer with bourbon... Due to this, the initial toffee and caramel flavours have mellowed out, only to be brought back to life within a beautiful combination alongside the honey and vanilla sweetness of the whiskey. These flavours now appear in tandem with more complex barrel notes of raisins, walnuts and oak - which themselves complement the rich, dried fruit and sweet notes of the beer's grist.

There are only 378 cans of this beer in existence, and they will become available exclusively via webstore and taproom as of right now!



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