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New Brew: Spacial Frequency

Head on over to our shop page, or come on down to Turning Point Taproom today and get hold of our brand new 4.5% Simcoe Super Pale: SPACIAL FREQUENCY!

Spacial Frequency (yes, we spelt it like that on purpose because ’space’ is a pretty big design theme of ours) is a brand new 4.5% Simcoe Super Pale…

We harp on about Mosaic being our absolute fave, but we do have a special place in our collective hearts for Simcoe too; so if you want a Simcoe version of Wavelength like we do - your dream has now come true!

We have also added a new SUPER SESSION PACK to our webstore:

3 x No Post on Sundays (3.5% Small IPA)

3 x Spatial Frequency (4.5% Simcoe Super Pale)

3 x Nova (4.6% Pilsner)

3 x The Yeti is Waiting (4.8% Citra Ekuanot Pale)


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