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New Brew: Emperor's Collab, Pulpatine

12% Peach, Plum, Charred Nectarine, Beech Smoked Imperial Stout collaboration w/ Emperor's Brewery

"Every single Stone Fruit, including your friend Obi-Plum Kenobi, is now an enemy of the Republic"

The dark side of the beer is a pathway to many flavour combinations some consider to be unnatural. Peaches, plums, and charred nectarines, all crammed into a deliciously decadent imperial stout made with beech smoked malt for additional complexity.

Pins and kegs of this opulent product are being distributed across the nation as we speak, and many of them will be pouring as part of the launch this coming Friday (16.09.22).

Cans will be available this Friday too, from many bottle shops as bars as well as from our own Turning Point Taproom and our webstore.

You will also find Pulpatine on keg at Derby Beer Con and Beer Central festivals in Derby and Birmingham this coming weekend.

Two very special venues will be pouring Pulpatine on Thursday night, exclusively, before it is released ANYWHERE else at all...

- It will be on handpull at the Turning Point v Northern Monk TTO event at The Derby Brewing TAP House


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