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Cosmic Flux 2021

It's that time of year again!

COSMIC FLUX (7.2% NEIPA: Citra, Mosaic) is one of those special 'once a year' beers that we do, and we absolutely love it.

As our understanding and our processes improve over time, we use new information and tweak recipes to produce even better beers. Cosmic Flux is the perfect example of this - with each iteration being slightly different than the last, and each for the better too.

The 2021 version is the usual soft, juicy New England-style IPA, but this time the entire dry hop has been done using Cryo and BBC versions of the freshest Citra and Mosaic we could get our hands on! Using Cryo and BBC hops gives even more intensity of flavour than usual, with a truly concentrated aroma bursting out of the glass/can and up your nostrils.

Fresh Cosmic Flux is now available in keg and extremely limited cask for trade customers to get delivered to their cellars this week.

For cans, this Friday morning - check out our web store or head to your nearest First Contact member bottle shop (The Curious Hop, Bier Huis, Yorkshire Craft Beers, Raynville Superstore, Harrogate Wines, The Wine Shop,, Beer Thirty, D&K Stores York) as they get our cans in stock before any else!


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