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Collaboration Brew: Brew By Numbers

On a freezing morning in December, Josh headed to Greenwich, London for an away collaboration brew with the fantastic Brew By Numbers.

What's better than one collab beer? Well how about three! We made three very different expressions of the same base beer - 20 | Barbe Rouge Belgian Pale.

The base beer was brewed with new Thiol yeast, fermented warm to produce fruit yeast esters. This batch was then split into three - the original, a second with oodles of apricot puree, and the third with a deluge of Damson puree. The result is three different beers, but all being fruity, refined and delicious.

We're happy to report that we've got hold of a limited quantity of all three beers. Cans are currently available on our webstore to buy and they'll also be pouring on draft at The Falcon, York from Friday 3rd Feb as part of a showcase of seven Brew By Numbers beers.

We hope you get the chance to try them!

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