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Okay so February is nearly done apparently. Last time we looked at the clock, it was to check how long until the turkey was done. I’m not sure how time works but I think we’ve figured out the best way to smash through it as though it’s a race worth winning… make beer. Fill your life with malt, hops, yeast, the occasional break for food and rest, and you’ve just made your own little time machine. Except it only works in one direction. So yes, we’ve been busy. Somehow this February has been our best ever month, which is insane considering we’ve had a couple of minor setbacks stopping us from making as much beer as we’d like to. Though this time last year, it was just Aron and myself (Cameron) working the furnace night and day but now we’ve got a great little team working with us. Luke has been in the brewhouse for just shy of a year. Just before Christmas, Andy joined us in the brewery, alongside his alter ego, Vandy, on deliveries. Most recently Bekah has started on sales/events. So we’re well equipped with some lovely people to help us do what we do, and to make 2019 a fun and successful year! We’ve got plenty of things in the pipeline which we’re incredibly excited about, some are still absolutely top secret but, I’m here to share the details of a few things we have coming up in the next few weeks:

On the Friday just gone, we were joined by our friends from Liverpool, Top Rope Brewing, to whip up an IPA chock full of oats, oat milk, El Dorado and Simcoe hops. This Friday we’ll be joined by our good chums from Liquid Light Brewing Company to make something proper fruity. That takes us onto the next little tidbit… CANS! We’re so chuffed to now be regularly producing beer in cans. Firstly and very selfishly because they’re a convenient way for us to drink our own beer, which, y’know, is what starting a brewery was really all about. Mainly though it means we can ship our beer out any which way and get it to whoever is asking. Our next run of cans will be ready at the end of March, not long!

March is a bit of a crazy one for events. Just a little bit crazy. We’re pouring our wares at no less than three big festivals, two of those are not on these shores. To kick things off, Aron is heading to the Netherlands for a week of fun and games, including a tap takeover at Craft and Draft, pouring beers at Lieden Craft Beer Festival, a collaboration and tap takeover at De Kromme Haring and other bits and bobs. At the same time as that we’ll be setting up the bar at Sheffield’s Indie Beer Feast. We had a blast there last year and are thrilled to be back! We’ve brewed something special for the occasion, using a lot of fresh fruit, so expect to see “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” hitting bars soon!

The following week, I’ll be heading out to the Barcelona beer festival to pour our beers, whilst attending a couple of meet the brewer events in the area. All terribly exciting.

Full details of all three will become apparent in due course, but the exciting news is that each of those festival events will feature a keg of our recently canned barrel aged stout, Dreamcatcher. With the vast majority of the beer being canned, we only have three kegs of it at all! If only there were a way to go back in time and brew more of it! Before you know it, we’ll be in April, which will mean 2 whole years of Turning Point. I guess we’d better plan something to celebrate!

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