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Soul Engine...

I know I know, we missed a blog last week. We were at Hop City which is as good an excuse as any… and what a day! So many wonderful beers in a room filled with like minded hop-heads, what could possibly go wrong?

We made the most of the Easter bank holiday, and treated ourselves to a couple of days off duty. Right back to it this week though, with lots going on as always.

A big week for us, as we take on our first full time team member. After a year of just-about-manageable chaos, and lots of brewing way into the night, we’re very pleased to say we’re ready for an extra pair of hands on deck. Luke has been the right person for the job before there was even a job… we met way back at our launch event last April, and we’ve been in regular contact ever since. Straight off we had lots in common. Mainly, a love of beer, and a love of making it. So we’re incredibly excited to have him on board.

For Luke’s first brew day, we made something a little different (by our own standards!)… A c3.2% tiny/nano/micro (or other word for small) Lactose IPA. Off the back of our latest beer, Swerve Driver, we wanted to make another beer in that sort of style; a huge amount of body, all of the hops ever, but very drinkable. This time, at half the ABV… and so it was, that “Soul Engine” was born. Look out for this making it’s debut at the Free Trade Inn, at our tap takeover in a couple weeks time.

Next week we’re kicking off the festivities for our Birthday spectactular with a little road trip to Reading. First stop is Wild Weather, where we’ll be making something daft with a punny name, of course. We’ve known this bunch for a few years now, and are excited to be heading down to see what’s cooking. The next day we’re heading to the 2nd coming of the Craft Theory festival, where we’ll be pitching our bar for the 3 sessions over Friday and Saturday. We have a super keg line up planned, with us rotating 8 beers over the 2 days. We’re starting a little bit of a thing off too… We’ve crafted something kooky in the brewery, and made but a single keg. Simply labelled… “Mystery Beer #1”.

It will be making an appearance at some point, and once it’s gone, that’s it!

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