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This week has been a tale of two halves- the first half with us being busy in the brewery and out in the van delivering, the second half with us being out on the road attending our first events daaaan saaa'th.

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of hosting our pals Matt and Josh from Ridgeside Brewery, for our first collaboration with a Yorkshire brewer. In the true spirit of collaboration, we had spent the last couple of weeks throwing recipe ideas back and forth, before finally deciding on making a dandelion and burdock sour. After many recipe tweaks we are confident that this will be an enjoyable one! At the end of the brew day, we pitched the lactobacillus into the kettle and left it overnight to do it's magic sour thing, by 5pm the next day the wort was down to a puckering pH level, then just the small matter of getting it all to boil- As much as we're fond of sours, we're not so fond of the 4am finish that comes with it! Dandelion and burdock is a traditional temperance beverage which we've brought kicking and screaming into a modern sour beer. Details on a joint event for the first pour of this beer coming next week!

So yesterday, we set off down to Cambridge for the second half of our week. Kicking off the first of our southerly events at The Pint Shop. After a picturesque walk through the beautiful city of Cambridge (but only where Cambridge wants you to go) we landed at Pint Shop just in time for some scran- all we can say is, the food is absolutely to die for, and if you happen to find yourself in Cambridge we can't recommend it enough! A really varied menu of slow cooked meats, kebab flat breads, and maybe the best scotch eggs in the world. We were also looking forward to our first try of Armadillo NE Session Pale on keg which remained the team's drink of choice for most of the night. I get a feeling we will be making this one again. We had a great night, it was awesome to see such a busy bar on a school night and we enjoyed chatting with the folks who had come down for the evening, answering questions about how we make beer. Thanks to Jack and the team for having us! A really top set of people, hope you enjoy the t-shirts!

Today we're continuing our tour of the south east in Norwich. Firstly we've got a little tour of Redwell brewery, which Aron has nostalgic tendencies for with Norwich being his Alma Mater. Then its off to The Plasterers for pints and pizza- we'll let you know next week how it goes!

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