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Disco King. It's our #1 selling beer by quite some margin. The beer we make constantly, and the one we get asked the most about. We've always wanted to vary Disco King to see how far we could push that recipe, and thus, Disco Kingdom was born. Four Disco beers, launching simultaneously at THIRTY THREE different venues nationwide, on Friday 20th October (listed below).

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DISCO KING | The O.G | 5.1% American Pale

Our flagship pale ale and bestseller – Disco King is all about big, American hop flavour. A clean malt base works to give it immense drinkability for its ABV. A real juicy little disco of a beer.


DISCO MANGO | The Fruity One | 5.1% Mango Pale

We’ve amped up the already tropical Disco King with a big dose of fresh mango, to take your tastebuds to a brave new world of fruity flavour!


DISCO DOWN UNDER | The Aussie One | 5.1% Australasian Pale

Embark on a journey to the Southern Hemisphere with Disco Down Under, an Australasian Pale Ale that captures the essence of distant lands. Featuring hops Galaxy, Ella, and Nelson Sauvin, this brew delivers a unique melody of earthy, floral, and citrus tones. Disco down under resonates with the spirit of exploration and “The Good Times”.


DISCO FLUX | The Big One | 7.5% Double American Pale

The long awaited return of Disco Flux, the intensified sibling of Disco King. This DAPA bursts onto the scene with amplified hop character, bringing vibrant waves of tropical fruit and pine.

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Make sure to head over to our Instagram page (@turningpointbrewco) at 7pm on Thursday 26th Oct for a live tasting session with Cam and Josh in which they will talk - and drink - through the four, new Disco Kingdom beers!

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