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Lofty Heights...

92 days ago, we got the keys to our new place. It kind of feels like forever, but also feels like just yesterday. It feels appropriate to pen a little something to tie up the chapter of "moving" and start the one about "starting".

In 92 days, a lot has changed. If you follow our social media you'll have a vague idea, but to sum it up briefly since the 2nd September:

1. We brewed the 9 last brews, packed up our stuff, and moved out of our first home in Kirkbymoorside. Passing the keys on to our good friends at the Black Swan/Breworks (Pickering) to continue their own brewing adventure.

2. We resurfaced the floor at the new site, and installed all new stainless drainage; futureproofing the working area for the long term future of our brewing.

3. We painted. A lot. It's rare in brewing you get time to pause and do some serious DIY, so we made the most of it. The place looks great, and there's still a little bit to do.

4. We worked on the kit. We took ownership of the kit formerly used by Roosters which more than doubles our brewlength from around 2000L to 4000L-5500L. We spent plenty of time figuring out how to make it work best for our way of brewing; streamlining the process to a bit of what we're used to. This will be a work in progress for months to come, and now that we're up and running we have some ideas for how to make the brewhouse work as efficiently and consistently as possible.

5. We moved in our fermenting vessels; some of the smaller ones came with us, plus some nice big tanks joined the team. With more being added this week. Taking our total fermentation capacity from 11,400L to 34,000L… some 60,000 pints!

6. We made a communal staff area and kitchen (equipped with guitar and didgeridoo) which is still a work in progress, but looking great.

7. We spent a lot of time making sure the beer would be as good, if not better than before; the main challenge being based in the water profile, and keeping the same character to the beers that we (and hopefully you) have come to love. With a bit of work, we've made the changes in all the right places, and happy to report the first brews have been spot on. Cries from Luke in the brewhouse that this first batch of Wavelength is the best yet. It was so satisfying getting the brews out in great quality from day 1, and to be honest, a huge relief too. We decided not to plump for half sized batches to test the water, but to go all in and put some faith in the work we'd put into scaling the recipes. Although we were sad to say goodbye to the bore hole water of Kirkbymoorside, the water profile at the new brewery lends itself well to a much more diverse range of styles.

8. We've worked extensively on our taproom, which we're already really happy with and are so excited to have on site in the brewery itsel

f. That brings us up to present day. We're only a day or so from opening our doors for the first time, to show you around the place, have a few beers and give our new gaff a proper housewarming.

Crikey, I said I'd be brief. Got carried away!

We're incredibly proud of everything we've put in place so far, and have made a good go of it with a big team effort from all of us at the brewery, plus friends and family lending their time to the cause. The future is so exciting; the brews, events, festivals, taproom days, tours, collaborations, summer barbeques, and all of the little things that come with the territory, but for now we're mainly excited to show you our new home and then after that… maybe… a short break for Christmas! Hopefully see you this weekend at our first taproom event. Love, Team TP. xxx

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