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New Year, New Beer...

January 12, 2018

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Disco Sessions

January 19, 2018

We’re back for round 2 of our new weekly round up. It’s been another whirlwind week at Turning Point Headquarters.

This week we brewed up a whole lot of Disco King. It’s one of the beers we get asked for a lot, and certainly a favourite with me and Aron. It’s been a tough task keeping up with production with this beer, but brewing it very regularly has allowed us to really hone the quality achieved with each brew. We’ve constantly tweaked the boil additions of hops, to a point where we are now very happy with the slight bitterness present in the beer. We designed Disco King to be the best possible vehicle to let the US hops shine in the glass, and the result of this work-in-progress is something we’re very proud of. We loved the first batch of it we ever made, but have been working hard to make it even better.

Just before Christmas, we brewed up a brand-new beer based on Disco King: Disco Flux. We ramped up the ABV to 7.5%, and went a little crazy on the hops. If Disco King is about balance, this beer is about excess. We patiently waited for this beer to ferment whilst we were off enjoying Christmas, and came back and gave it a hellish dose of Mosaic, Chinook, and a little bit of Citra. The vast majority went into keg (with a very limited number of casks) and will be popping up at many a good bar over the coming weeks.

On Wednesday this week, we debuted Disco Flux for the first time at the newly refurbed Rook and Gaskill, now equipped with a wall of 20 something keg lines! Both the cask and keg were on offer, alongside Disco King for a bit of compare and contrast. Honestly, it was possibly the most fun we’ve had since starting the brewery. Paul and the team really pulled out all the stops to make for a truly wonderful night of Disco dancing and funky tunes. The staff were fully equipped with psychedelic garments, star shaped glasses and a few wigs knocking about too. A lot of our beery friends came along and shared a proper corker of a night with us. Just the small matter of getting back into the brewery this morning to contend with. Though a dozen coffees, a makeshift smorgasbord of nibbles and a continuation of the disco music from the night before, and Aron and I were good to go.