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The latest offering from our single barrel store is here! The 'Singularity Series' are hand picked, individual barrels of specific, special beers that we release in limited amounts of cans as and when we feel that the beers are ready to go out into the world.


#009 - Single Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine

A classic, English style barley wine, hopped with Godiva, First Gold, and Bullion. Sticky sweet, with notes of figs, caramel, ripe blackberries, and almonds.

Then, we aged it in a fresh Bourbon barrels for 2 years!


11.0% ABV


440ml can. 

Ingredients (allergens in bold): water, barley (gluten), wheat (gluten), yeast, hops, dark brown  sugar
Suitable for vegans.

#009 Singularity - 2yr Bourbon BA Heavy Dreams 11% Barleywine

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