Swerve Driver...

It’s full steam ahead at Turning Point. Between the two of us we’re keeping very busy indeed. As much beer as we can manage to make, whilst taking the care to make it as well as possible. As much beer as we can fit into Kowalski (our van, named after the Primal Scream song of the same name… “to him, speed means freedom of the soul”) without doing it a mischief. A little bit of an improvement in the weather has boosted productivity significantly. The first time anyone here been working in a t-shirt since last October! This week we brewed Lucid Dream and Rising Tide. Both mainstays of our usual availability. A lot of fun to make as always. We had a helping hand from Alex, off of the Knavesmire

Birthday Month...

We had a conversation in the brewery about when our “birthday” should be… The day we named the brewery. First got the keys to HQ. First brewday. First pour of actual beer. We couldn’t decide. Best not to overthink it. Instead we’ve decided to have a whole “birthday month”. Seems reasonable right? What better reason to celebrate than the coming of age of our brewery to the tune of one whole year. We’re not sure where the time has gone, but we’re absolutely loving what we do. Making beer all day, and talking about it, whilst drinking it. So we’re having a crazily busy month in celebration of that! Basically, 3 collabs, and 3 events. Here’s the juicy: Collaborations: De Molen: We’re absolutely

Beer Feast...

We’re a little late getting our weekly blog penned this time around. For good reason! I normally wrap up the week on a Friday with the blog, but this last week didn’t really end. After another busy week at HQ we headed over to our first festival of the year. More on that later. During the week, we were most excited to brew a full batch of Chaos Theory. The first time we brewed this was as a one off special for the York beer and cider festival last year, with our friends (and festival organisers) Steve and Denise. We loved it so much we're now on our third brew of it. We've had some really good feedback on this one, and think we've found an interesting combination of flavours with honey and

The Tundra...

As has been the case for pretty much everyone and anyone, this week has been made quite difficult (and cold) by that pesky little beast from the East. Both Aron and myself live a fair old drive away from Kirkbymoorside so the journey in each day has been a heck of a ride! The snow meant we couldn’t get much done in the way of delivering beer. Though we did see the storm coming, (thanks to the news, not some mystical foresight power we have, unfortunately) so we were able to cram most of our working schedule for the week into what can only be described as “Tuesday”, ahead of the really harsh weather that followed. We had 3 pallets of beer leave the building, 2 x brews racked and moved to our

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