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At the end of last week we made our way to The Falcon Tap after another wild one. We’d been looking forward to this little shindig for a while. The Falcon were hosting a first of it’s kind “Brewers Love in”. Basically, a chance for the local brewing fraternity to meet in a lovely place and drink each others beers. We’re lucky to be based in Yorkshire, and class the surrounding breweries as great friends and peers, rather than competitors. It was particularly enjoyable to receive praise that night for our APA, Disco King, from many brewers who we have a lot of respect for, and who in various ways have helped us get to where we are in our brewing journey so far. It was equally satisfying to ha


Finishing off from last week… our tap takeover at the Plasterer’s arms in Norwich was a brilliant night out. Such a lovely pub filled with lovely people. We happened to bump into a few fellow brewers too. The guys from Golden Triangle, Bexar County, and Three Blind Mice breweries all there at one point or another. It’s always good to meet like minded folk, and hear what other breweries are up to. After a really fun few days at our events last week in Cambridge and Norwich, we returned to the brewhouse bright and breezy on Monday ready for another week of fun and games. We’ve been keeping ourselves super busy trying to get the usual beers back in stock, as well as working out recipes for a fe

TP on Tour...

This week has been a tale of two halves- the first half with us being busy in the brewery and out in the van delivering, the second half with us being out on the road attending our first events daaaan saaa'th. On Tuesday we had the pleasure of hosting our pals Matt and Josh from Ridgeside Brewery, for our first collaboration with a Yorkshire brewer. In the true spirit of collaboration, we had spent the last couple of weeks throwing recipe ideas back and forth, before finally deciding on making a dandelion and burdock sour. After many recipe tweaks we are confident that this will be an enjoyable one! At the end of the brew day, we pitched the lactobacillus into the kettle and left it overnigh


Hello again, and welcome to another instalment of our weekly blog. We find it’s good to take stock every once in a while and catch your breath. It’s always our aim to make the best beer we possibly can, and if that means slowing things down, planning efficiently and making sure what we are doing is enjoyable, then that’s alright with us. Needless to say, we’ve still had a very busy week, just without making any beer this time! Plenty of beer leaving HQ still so expect to see our beers out in the wild as regularly as usual. A fresh batch of Electric Eye and Lucid Dream will be available from next week. We’ve also kegged our Belgian Red Rye collab with Squawk and sent that, along with a pall

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