Lucid Dreams...

Here we are again at the end of another week… This week we brewed two beers for the first time in 2018: Firstly, Lucid Dream, our cookies and cream stout, coming in at 5% ABV. It was with us at our launch back in April last year and we’re always looking forward to making more. As much as we enjoy the chocolatey aroma that fills the brewery as it’s fermenting, it doesn’t half make a mess! The yeast we use gets a little bit excited, and creates a thick chocolate mousse which pours out of the fermenter and onto the floor, and everything else. All in the name of beer. We also brewed Rising Tide, our 4.3% ABV pale ale. A classic, easy drinking hoppy one. Our newest beer, Armadillo, has now been

Disco Sessions

We’re back for round 2 of our new weekly round up. It’s been another whirlwind week at Turning Point Headquarters. This week we brewed up a whole lot of Disco King. It’s one of the beers we get asked for a lot, and certainly a favourite with me and Aron. It’s been a tough task keeping up with production with this beer, but brewing it very regularly has allowed us to really hone the quality achieved with each brew. We’ve constantly tweaked the boil additions of hops, to a point where we are now very happy with the slight bitterness present in the beer. We designed Disco King to be the best possible vehicle to let the US hops shine in the glass, and the result of this work-in-progress is somet

New Year, New Beer...

Welcome... To this, our first weekly brewery blog. Where we keep you up to date on all our happenings each week. We've been wanting to do something like this for a while, its been tough to find the time to sit down and write up what's happening with the brewery when, between the two of us we have a lot keeping us busy! To make the seemingly daunting task of putting pen to paper (or thumbs to phone) more manageable, we'll look to wrap up our week by letting you know what we've been up to. So... We're very happy to be back BREWING! After a brief break over Christmas, and then an unexpected delay due to some minor but potentially problematic issues with our brewery floor tiles, we're now back m

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